Whey Protein vs Soy Protein: What’s The Difference?

Whey Protein vs Soy Protein: What’s The Difference?

whey protein vs soy protein

Whey vs Soy Protein Comparison

Protein, for what?

As much as we may not want to admit, the human race is constantly in a battle with obesity. Beyond obesity, we stress the importance of the body image. We want to see results from our workouts. We want to look like the amount of effort that we put into our gym time. We want to know that not only are we fighting off diabetes, sleep apnea, heart disease and other deadly health issues, or repair body tissue, but also we look great doing it. Working out alone will not fill our weight management desires. There are items required for proper muscle development and retention. A key item for our body is the nutrient known as protein.

Protein is the makeup of amino acids that are put together in varying order with unlimited combinations. Specifically, there are about eight identified amino acids that are not made up within the body. They must be retrieved from an outside source[ What is Protein? http://extension.usu.edu/files/publications/publication/FN_191.pdf]. These are known as Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine, Lysine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Methionine, and Histidine. I say about eight because Histidine is not as necessary for adults[ Basics of Amino Acids http://aminoacidstudies.org/what-are-essential-amino-acids/]. Once food has been consumed and digested, the amino acids are used to build up new proteins.

Whey of Life

Whey is developed from the remains in the process of turning milk into cheese. With milk being made of mainly two proteins, the other being casein, the remains are used for the supplement.
Adding protein to our workout plan traditionally goes to whey protein. Because of its ability to effect muscle growth and produce significant results, whey protein has maintained the position as the biggest selling protein supplement to date[ Whey vs Soy. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/drobson71.htm].

The ease of consumption and absorption by the body, mixed with the boost given to our immune system, creates a lovable irresistible combination any workout enthusiast can enjoy.
As mentioned, whey protein also gives support to our immune system and athletic endurance. The ability to improve energy, mental focus and reduce stress can be found in this popular supplement. Whey possesses a good mix of vitamins and minerals. There is also a mixture of probiotics found in whey. This good bacteria moves through our system very well due to the pH balance of whey. Probiotics do not have the same luck when digested through other supplements.

In Soy We Trust

As the new kid on the block, soy protein has been able to make a name for itself despite the popularity of whey. Soy protein comes from the remains of the soybean, which can be found on shelves at local supermarkets. This product is broken down into other components. The soybean protein substance is separated from the original bean into flakes. The flakes are dried up in order to create de-fatted soybean flakes.

After being broken down, the flakes are further washed by water to remove sugars and dietary fibers. This process allows soy protein to live up to its fat free and pure protein title[ Soy Fact Sheet http://www.soyfoods.org/soy-products/soy-fact-sheets/soy-protein-isolate-fact-sheet].

The population may not recognize that they already use the soy protein substance. In a variety of foods, this is a popular ingredient that is digested regularly in smaller doses. Breakfast cereals, soups, baked goods, and even soy milk all possess this classic fat free substances that controls cholesterol levels.

Soy also give the full complement of necessary amino acids and implements a great ratio that is required for the best results in overall well being. We can also note that opposed to its counter part, soy has a higher serving of Arginine, which stimulate muscle formation, and Glutamine, which helps memory retention and is very important during metabolic stress.

What to Choose?

Between the two protein supplements, you will not be wrong with your final decision. Choosing between the two can cause an endless debate. Whey protein has more acceptance among people since it has been on the market longer. Whey protein digests a lot faster than soy protein, which is beneficial depending on your overall goals. Whey is also sold at a higher price in the market.

Soy gives similar benefits of fighting against diseases and viruses, while being digested more gradually. The added benefit of soy comes with the ability to recover and strengthen muscles overall. We must not fall into the trap of soybean protein to be an estrogen elevator, because it does not have a negative effect on testosterone levels.[ http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/drobson71.htm]


Looking at the two types, it is still a toss up to choose. If you want to feel natural and look great, soy is the answer. If you choose the popular proven method, whey is the choice. Yet, it is very safe and maybe even more of a benefit to use both supplements. Why not take the best of both worlds and incorporate them into your workout recovery process? The real winner as a result, would be the consumer.

How Long Until You see Results in the Gym?

How Long Until You see Results in the Gym?

how long until you see results in the gymGetting Results in the Gym

These days, many people have realized that implementing an exercise program is a great way to optimize their health and fitness levels. However, some individuals are concerned about how long it will take them to start seeing substantive results. If this is your primary concern, review the information found in this quick reference guide:

Results Will Vary

Everyone’s body is unique, and this means that there is no simple, singular answer regarding how long it will take an individual to see results in the gym. Results can vary based on numerous factors, some of which include your dietary habits and the type of workout you do. The frequency of your workouts will also play a role in determining how long it takes you to see results.

Results For Beginners, Intermediates, and Experts

As noted in LiveStrong, the rate at which you see results is largely contingent upon the condition of your body to begin with. Individuals who have never exercised in the past will typically see substantive results very quickly. Even if you are doing a very basic workout, you should note increases in terms of endurance, fitness, and strength. If you are an intermediate or train sporadically, you will likely begin to see results following the first month. Athletes and other advanced exercisers will find that seeing noticeable results takes several months. This is because the fit body is already extremely conditioned.

Consistency Is Key

If you’re serious about seeing results in the gym, remember that working out just once every few weeks is not going to engender the great outcome you’re seeking. While you will likely feel great due to the serotonin release, you won’t notice more muscle definition or weight loss. To witness these types of substantive physiological changes, you’ll need to work out at least three to five times a week. Developing the habit of exercising regularly typically takes time, but the results-which include better mood, improved appearance, and greater self-confidence-are worth the ongoing efforts.

Strive For Intensity

Although the length of your exercise sessions is important, intensity is even more important. Specifically, you will obtain more results from an intense 15 minute cardio session than strolling through the park for an hour. In short, bodies don’t demonstrate a huge response to light exercise. To see big changes, the workout needs to be challenging. As noted in “How Long Does It Really Take To See Fitness Results?,” you should not feel debilitated or as if you can’t walk. However, the workout has to be relatively demanding such that you find yourself exerting substantive effort to complete the movements.

Be Progressive

In order to optimize the results you attain from your workout, you need to implement the progressive overload principle. This involves slowly increasing the number of repetitions you do or making your workout increasingly difficult with each training session. This methodology enables your body to improve and adapt safely. Yet even as you implement the progressive overload principle, remember that you will still need periods of rest. While you may be tempted to train frequently once you start seeing results, the body needs a recovery period in order to continue functioning optimally. As such, be sure to take one or two days off from serious physical activity so you can remain injury-free.

A Fully Integrated Program: The Key To Optimized Results

If you’re really serious about seeing substantive results in the gym, note that adhering to a fully integrated program is the key. A holistic workout program will involve three types of exercise: cardiovascular activity, weight-training, and stretching. Cardiovascular activity can be completed through activities like running, jumping rope, cycling, tae-bo, and step aerobics. Weight-training can be done with a wide range of equipment, including barbells. Stretching can be completed through activities like pilates and yoga.

Don’t Delay: Start Getting Results Today!

If you’ve decided to start working out and want to ensure that you see results, now is the time to gain more knowledge about how to do so properly. You can use the information found in this quick reference guide to ensure that you get on the path to ever-increasing levels of fitness right now!

5 Myths About Working Out Debunked

5 Myths About Working Out Debunked

myths about working outWorkout Myths

With the deluge of information about working out, fitness, and weight loss, it can be challenging to separate fact from fiction. Here are five of the most common myths about working out that you’ve probably heard, along with the true facts that debunk these ideas and make the most of the time you spend exercising.

1. Crunches are the best way to get the six-pack abs you’re after.

If you’ve been doing 100 crunches a night since middle school and don’t have sculpted abs to show for it, you might have already suspected that this is a myth. According to Men’s Fitness magazine, those who want to achieve a washboard stomach should focus on a combination of interval training, eating the right nutrients, getting enough sleep each night, and taking steps to minimize stress. And instead of crunches, core-strengthening exercises like planks and push-ups are the best way to get flat abs. Crunches just don’t burn enough calories to be effective at toning muscles–and if you do them incorrectly, you’re putting yourself at risk for spine injury.

2. The calorie counter you’re using is accurate.

Many people who are counting calories keep track of how many calories they’ve burned by going by the number on the elliptical at the gym or on their favorite wearable fitness tracker. The fact is, though, that there is no way for these machines to accurately measure your calorie burn. That’s because they don’t take into account body fat, which has a profound impact of how many calories you get rid of during a given fitness section according to CNN.com. Even devices with heart rate monitors aren’t necessarily getting a fully accurate picture of what’s happening in your body during a workout.

3. No pain, no gain.

According to Lifehacker, this oft-repeated mantra is one of the most pervasive and harmful fitness myths that won’t die. While some muscle soreness the day after a workout is natural if you’re new to working out or have pushed yourself harder than usual. If you’re experiencing anything beyond a mild ache, however, it’s usually the sign of an injury. While workouts should be challenging to be effective, pain is not part of the equation (and may actually make you less likely to pursue your fitness goals). Also false? The idea that muscle soreness that manifests a day or two after your workout is caused by lactic acid buildup. This phenomenon is actually caused by miniscule tears in the muscles. Any pain during the workout itself is cause for concern, and you should stop immediately rather than “pushing through the pain.” See your doctor right away if you think you’ve injured yourself during a workout.

4. Women shouldn’t do strength training because they’ll get bulky.

On the contrary, CNN notes that women just have too much estrogen to create the muscle mass associated with professional bodybuilders. In fact, many women notice that after they begin strength training, they actually appear slimmer and lose weight more quickly than with cardio workouts alone. Shape magazine notes that the more muscle you build, the tighter and sleeker your body will be. According to the federal Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, adults should do strength training exercises at least twice a week. If you’re still concerned, opt for fewer repetitions with heavier weights instead of more repetitions with lighter weights.

5. Sports drinks are a great way to replenish your body’s electrolytes and minerals during and after a workout.

While this one may be true for marathon runners and other serious athletes, drinking sports drinks can do more harm than good casual fitness enthusiast. According to Lifehacker, the calories and sugar in these types of drinks often offset the calories you’ve burned by working out, and Men’s Fitness notes that the sugar can also slow the fat-burning process. Stick to water if you’re doing moderate exercise and/or if you’re working out with the goal of losing weight.

Next time you hit the gym, head off on your bike, or do an exercise video in the privacy of your own home, keep these five fitness myths in mind to avoid hijacking your workout goals and wasting your time with information that has been debunked by health scientists.


4 Tips to Recover Quicker From Workouts

4 Tips to Recover Quicker From Workouts


Recovery Tips

There’s nothing more satisfying than a hard workout. You know you’ve given it your all, and even if you’re ready to collapse, there’s an overall feeling of accomplishment that follows you for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, that feeling of accomplishment can come along with exhaustion, soreness, and trouble finding the energy and motivation to accomplish much else for the rest of the day. Learning how to improve your workout recovery and feel normal faster is imperative–especially if you’re working out early in the day and need to be able to function normally for the rest of the day.

1. Slow Down and Take Care of Yourself

When you’ve worked out hard, a rest period is critical to making a full recovery. That doesn’t mean that you have to sit around doing nothing, however! Light exercise like walking, swimming, and dancing can increase blood flow to your muscles, hastening your recovery time. You should also take care to drink plenty of water and keep your body well hydrated post-workout. Chances are, you were sweating heavily during your workout. You’ll need to replace that water, both to prevent dehydration and to flush out the toxins in your body, all of which can make recovering from a tough workout even more difficult.

2. Choose Your Supplements

Both pre- and post-workout supplements can offer your body the extra protein and other nutrients it needs to handle a tough workout, perform its best, and go on to recover quickly so that you can do it again as soon as possible. Many people choose to drink protein shakes or consume protein bars immediately after their workout to help rebuild muscle and reduce soreness.

Some also choose to take post-workout specific supplements. These are great for strength gains and muscle recovery. Just make sure to read some of the online recovery supplement rankings so you choose a good one. And remember to stay hydrated when taking it!

Do your research to make sure that the supplement you’ve chosen is the best one for all of your needs. It’s also critical to make sure that you’re consuming all the protein you need for your workouts: eat plenty of protein for breakfast each day and make sure that you have an adequate number of calories coming from protein throughout the day.

3. Stretch It Out

You’ve just put in a hard workout. You’re probably in a hurry to leave the gym or get ready for your next activity. What will it hurt if you skip your stretching just this once? Actually, skipping your post-workout stretch can be extremely detrimental to your recovery, leaving you stiff and sore the next day. Your post-workout stretch has a number of advantages.

  • Your body will resume its natural posture and position, reducing soreness later
  • Stretching helps relaxes your muscles, easing the tension from a tough workout.
  • Stretching helps avoid impingements that can make your next workout harder.

A good post-workout foam roll can also be beneficial in loosening tight muscles and getting you ready to get on with your day. Active stretching, rather than static stretches, can keep you moving while slowly letting you cool down after your workout. Find a stretching routine that works for you!

4. Watch Your Diet

For some people, a trip to the gym is little more than the justification they need to eat a burger later. Others struggle to maintain a reasonable diet no matter how little or how much they work out. Watching your diet, however, can have a serious impact on your recovery. Try checking these important aspects of your recovery diet.

  • Increase the potassium in your diet, which can reduce the chances of cramps and muscle aches.
  • Don’t skip the carbs. Carbohydrates play an important role in the recovery process, and the best time to eat them is within 30 minutes of your workout.
  • Check your sodium post-workout: this is the perfect time for a salty snack.

Taking great care of your body isn’t just about hitting the gym on a regular basis. You want to be sure that your body is in great shape, with all the nutrition and other support it needs to recover fully. This will allow you to make the most out of every workout while still taking care of your other responsibilities throughout the day. Focus on your recovery needs along with your workout plans for the best results no matter what your workout routine.

What Is Creatine and What does it do?

What Is Creatine and What does it do?

Creatine Info

what is creatine

Whether you’re into bodybuilding, athletic training, or general fitness, you’ve probably heard about creatine. One of the most popular fitness supplements on the market today, it is taken by those looking to improve performance, increase energy, and build strength. A lot of research has been done on its effectiveness as a supplement since it was first linked to athletic performance. With all the hype, it is hard to know if creatine is right for you. Let’s take a look at what creatine is and how it works.

What is Creatine?

Creatine is a compound naturally produced in the body that contributes to the creation of energy for muscles, organs, and other cells. It is created in the liver from a combination of amino acids and is transported to other parts of the body through the blood. Although creatine occurs naturally, the version used in supplements is created synthetically. Both natural and synthetic creatine work the same way. The body converts its, stores it in the muscles, and uses it to create energy. Its ability to increase energy and provide associated benefits is what has made creatine such a popular supplement. It can be taken before or after workouts, but recent research has shown creatine was most effective in increasing muscles mass and strength when taken post-workout.

Mind/Body Benefits

A lot of research and testing has been done over the years on the effects of creatine. Studies have linked the supplement to several physical and mental health benefits. Some of the potential benefits of taking a creatine supplement include:

Building Lean Muscle

Its popularity with weight lifters and strength trainers shows just how effective creatine is at increasing muscle mass. Numerous scientific studies back this belief, which has driven creatine to the top of the list of muscle-building supplements. In fact, BodyBuilding.com rates it as the best supplement for faster muscle gain.

Increasing Energy

As a building block of energy production in the body, creatine supplements can provide additional energy to the muscles, heart, and brain. This energy boost is credited with short-term improvements in athletic function, speed, and recovery.

Improving Memory & Intelligence

A report from Science Daily detailed a study that tested creatine supplementation and its impact on memory, general intelligence, and brain function. The study concluded that creatine has a positive impact on mental abilities resulting in increased memory and better overall test scores.

Reasons to Use Creatine

With its many benefits, it is easy to see why people want to use creatine supplements. For those reasons, Americans spend millions on it each year. In addition to its benefits, there are many reasons to use creatine:

Increasing Muscle Mass

Creatine can help increase muscle mass. This makes it an excellent choice for body builders, but it has also been linked by medical professionals to aiding in the treatment of diseases that affect the muscles like Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, and muscular dystrophy.

High-Intensity Training

Using creatine can improve performance during high-intensity training. Its ability to increase energy and boost muscle performance makes it the perfect choice for more intense, shorter duration workouts.

Treating Depression

Medical News Today reported that evidence supports creatine’s use in the treatment of depression. Studies indicated that supplementing creatine in addition to antidepressants improved depression more quickly and permanently than just taking antidepressants.

Studying & Retention

Another use of creatine supplements is by students looking to improve their study skills. Its link to increased memory abilities and improved intelligence has made it a popular study and test-taking aid.

Side Effects & Risks

As with most supplements, there are some risks and side effects associated with taking creatine. There is a risk of interaction with other drugs, including anti-inflammatory drugs, diuretics, diabetes medications, and any medication that can affect blood sugar. Additionally, side effect risks have been shown to increase when creatine is taken with stimulants like caffeine. The compound also is not recommended for anyone with kidney or liver issues. Reported side effects by medical sites like WebMD include:

  • Water retention
  • Weight gain
  • Stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Kidney trouble
  • Rash
  • Fever

Creatine is a natural substance the body uses to create energy. Taking it as a supplement can increase your energy capacity and lead to improvements in athletic performance and muscle development.

Its use has also been shown to improve certain medical conditions like Parkinson’s disease and depression. There is some risk of side effects and issues when taking creatine as a supplement. You should consult a health care professional if you have any concerns about taking creatine and your health or possible drug interactions.

Where to Buy Creatine

I’d recommend you buy creatine online. But before buying anything you should speak with your doctor and then check out creatine reviews online for info on what is best for you.

How to Take Care of Your Health While Exercising

women-healthMany things could be done to stay healthy, and the easiest way to achieve this is by eating a balanced diet and exercise regularly. It’s not hard, but it definitely requires some will power from your part. People get used very fast with a sedentary life style, but this has to stop right now out of a simple reason – staying active helps more than just your body, but it also helps your mind. It’s known that the dicton healthy mind in a healthy body is what every health specialist tries to teach you, so you should keep this in your memory.

Health and fitness results are tricky to achieve if you don’t have a targeted a detailed plan from the start. A correctly guided exercise program involves objective setting, right methodology, and a large array of exercises from which to choose.

Below, you will see guidelines to help you with every one of the above categories.

Personal Trainer Los AngelesObjective Setting

Objective setting and objective achievement are two totally different topics. Objective setting  is very important before commencement of any exercise program, but achieving goals requires a frequency of contemplation, objective measurements and analysis of growth, and diligence to carry out the required activity necessitated to achieve your goal. For most excellent results, I recommend you think about your goals more than five times a day, using the power of affirmations to assist you accomplish them in your brain before you do bodily.

Objective Measurement

Objective measurement of growth depends on your goal, whether it is your body fat, weight loss, or strengthening. Keeping track of your progress is necessary for reinforcement along with modification. Ultimately, it’s very important to point out that no one will attain a goal if they do not have the meticulousness they need to pursue it. Several times, if motivation is what’s absent, I recommend searching a partner or Group-Fitnessteammate to assist you through difficult times.

The Exercises

Right exercise methodology is very important to health and fitness success with exercise. The methodology should be as per your goals listed above. For example, if you want to gain muscle, you may have an extremely different exercise plan than if you want to lose weight or train for a competition. Be sure to investigate your scheduled exercise program ahead of time and follow a proven model earlier than choosing which exercises you intend to do.

For this reason, it’s clearly not the right decision to simply watch an additional person exercise and then replicate, particularly if you have no idea what s/he is trying to achieve. Just copying any other person’s exercise plan will not be fruitful for you at all. You may learn from him how to do, what to do, how frequently any exercise can be done, but you have to prepare your complete exercise plan before starting it. Only having an exercise plan in hand can not improve your health, proper and regular exercise plan can improve your health.


Having a big variety of exercises from which to decide, allows you to shock your body,’ Total Body Health and Fitness Yogaby continually placing dissimilar demands upon it. A standard exercise programs that consist of twenty or more exercises yield immense results in a temporary time frame until they attain a maximum point. Maximum points refer to the time throughout an exercise program when results plateau and exercises turn out to be less effective.

By bearing in mind each one of the above factors while scheming your health and fitness exercise program, you will noticeably improve your results in the gym. Amplified results in the gym directly correlate to reduced body fat, amplified strength, improved endurance, reduced risk of cardiac disease, and enhanced health for a lifetime.

5 Reasons to Practice Sport

Mountain-biking-Drawing-decorativeToday’s world offers us everything we’d ever wanted, but this is not necessarily a benefic thing. What people miss most, or what they should miss, is being active. Many of you live a sedentary life and this in only because of the lifestyle – wake up in the morning, go to work, get back home, eat something and after all this, there is less free time that ever.

Your life and the life of everyone you know seems like it is set on fast forward, and you should do something about it – take some free time, change the schedule, become more active and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Speaking about heath – this is something you should consider more often, and speaking about being active, what you should do is practice a sport, a physical activity, something to keep you fit and strong.

Here’s five reasons why you should practice a sport in your free time.


Laying the base for a bodily active life is one of the immense benefits of early involvement in sports. Young children are ready for quick movement. Determining just what they like most doing best will help you decide what sports will be fun for them. People can become gymnasts with large smiles, dancers in a modern dance company or they could simply stick to just practicing something for their own pleasure.



Learning how to pursue a ball, swing a bat, take a shot, riding a skateboard, swing a racket, or walk a balance beam takes a fine amount of specific skills. The adroitness alone that is developed in chasing a sport will be a big plus. Bodily and mental skills are formed as young athletes study drills, and action plans for their sport.



Learning to be part of a sports team requires judgment outside of oneself. This is a very significant and essential lesson that has been far getting affected off the playing field. The description “sports team player” is one that is frequently considered in assessing unbeaten work attributes. Commitment and dependability are compulsory for a winning team, whether you are 10 or 35.



Self-willingness is inherent in the “sports team player” concept. It is also well known that an athlete usually practices his or her sport – by preferences or by skills. Accountability for that sports practice can be taught. People do some things that may seem extremely weird. They reward their kids to practice. Earlier than you jump out of your skin at that consideration, we should let you know that this isn’t very much. They each had a small notepad and they logged in, the time they used up practicing their skills. People don’t get to do manual labor anymore. The closest we could get to create such kind of daily bodily effort was through practicing a sport every day, whether it was practicing long free throws, or throwing a ball.

fitness (1)


Let’s not forget the fun! There has to be fun concerned, whether it’s the excitement of kicking a ball, or a lovely hit. Part of the fun is the family member’s attendance, and cheering. Occasionally the fun involves celebrating a twice play or a goal down. The pleasure of winning the race or executing an outstanding cartwheel is also a part of the fun. We keep in mind the fun a long time, as people have the tendency to remember the good moments in their lives.

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