how long until you see results in the gymGetting Results in the Gym

These days, many people have realized that implementing an exercise program is a great way to optimize their health and fitness levels. However, some individuals are concerned about how long it will take them to start seeing substantive results. If this is your primary concern, review the information found in this quick reference guide:

Results Will Vary

Everyone’s body is unique, and this means that there is no simple, singular answer regarding how long it will take an individual to see results in the gym. Results can vary based on numerous factors, some of which include your dietary habits and the type of workout you do. The frequency of your workouts will also play a role in determining how long it takes you to see results.

Results For Beginners, Intermediates, and Experts

As noted in LiveStrong, the rate at which you see results is largely contingent upon the condition of your body to begin with. Individuals who have never exercised in the past will typically see substantive results very quickly. Even if you are doing a very basic workout, you should note increases in terms of endurance, fitness, and strength. If you are an intermediate or train sporadically, you will likely begin to see results following the first month. Athletes and other advanced exercisers will find that seeing noticeable results takes several months. This is because the fit body is already extremely conditioned.

Consistency Is Key

If you’re serious about seeing results in the gym, remember that working out just once every few weeks is not going to engender the great outcome you’re seeking. While you will likely feel great due to the serotonin release, you won’t notice more muscle definition or weight loss. To witness these types of substantive physiological changes, you’ll need to work out at least three to five times a week. Developing the habit of exercising regularly typically takes time, but the results-which include better mood, improved appearance, and greater self-confidence-are worth the ongoing efforts.

Strive For Intensity

Although the length of your exercise sessions is important, intensity is even more important. Specifically, you will obtain more results from an intense 15 minute cardio session than strolling through the park for an hour. In short, bodies don’t demonstrate a huge response to light exercise. To see big changes, the workout needs to be challenging. As noted in “How Long Does It Really Take To See Fitness Results?,” you should not feel debilitated or as if you can’t walk. However, the workout has to be relatively demanding such that you find yourself exerting substantive effort to complete the movements.

Be Progressive

In order to optimize the results you attain from your workout, you need to implement the progressive overload principle. This involves slowly increasing the number of repetitions you do or making your workout increasingly difficult with each training session. This methodology enables your body to improve and adapt safely. Yet even as you implement the progressive overload principle, remember that you will still need periods of rest. While you may be tempted to train frequently once you start seeing results, the body needs a recovery period in order to continue functioning optimally. As such, be sure to take one or two days off from serious physical activity so you can remain injury-free.

A Fully Integrated Program: The Key To Optimized Results

If you’re really serious about seeing substantive results in the gym, note that adhering to a fully integrated program is the key. A holistic workout program will involve three types of exercise: cardiovascular activity, weight-training, and stretching. Cardiovascular activity can be completed through activities like running, jumping rope, cycling, tae-bo, and step aerobics. Weight-training can be done with a wide range of equipment, including barbells. Stretching can be completed through activities like pilates and yoga.

Don’t Delay: Start Getting Results Today!

If you’ve decided to start working out and want to ensure that you see results, now is the time to gain more knowledge about how to do so properly. You can use the information found in this quick reference guide to ensure that you get on the path to ever-increasing levels of fitness right now!

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